Snapchat Partners with ComplexCon to Advance AR Try-On

AR try-ons continue to conquer the spotlight. Facebook Metaverse is leveling it up. Google enabled AR shopping tools. Pinterest even introduced search by hair patterns. Recently, Snapchat launched its AR creative mobile studio named Arcadia. The move aims to build an immersive AR experience. Today, Snapchat partners with ComplexCon to advance AR try-on.

Farfetch try on in Snapchat

ComplexCon is a company that focuses on street culture and tech innovations. The advanced AR try-on now allows Snap chatters to virtually try on branded hoodies and shirts. All they need to do is scan the Snap code using their Snapchat lenses. They can then choose any accessory or apparel and try them on virtually.

Snapchat partners with ComplexCon to advance AR try-on as of 07 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s partnership with ComplexCon is a big move to digital wearables. For marketers, they can boost online sales. With AR try-on getting bigger, it can also be a bigger strategy to promote brands, products, and services.


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