Snapchat Expands Its Sound Library with Sony Music

Snapchat now focuses on AR innovations. Recently, the platform introduced “Arcadia,” a global creative studio for mobile AR. It also partnered with ComplexCon to advance its AR try-on and added an NBCUniversal catalog to its sound library. Today, Snapchat expands its sound library with Sony Music.

Snapchat Sony music

Snapchat will be expanding its music experience by adding clips from Sony Music Entertainment to its sound library. It will also be featured on sound lenses, an upcoming feature of AR lenses. It is currently under testing on the lens carousel of AR Lenses. To find lenses with sounds, just look for the musical note on the lens icon. 

Snapchat expands its sound library with Sony Music on 15 November 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Music is the universal language of digital marketing. With Snapchat expanding its sound library, marketers have better options to liven app Snapchat ads and campaigns.


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