Snapchat Updates Its Scan Tools

During the recent Snapchat Partner Summit, the platform promised to advanced its feature and tools. A major focus will be on the Snap camera’s scanning features. Bitmoji fashionfood and wine barcodesfull-body lenseslocal lenses, and Screenshop were added by Snapchat to boost fun and engagement. Today, Snapchat updates its scan tools. 

Snapchat Scan update

Scan Button on Snapchat’s Main Camera

First, Snapchat brings its scan button on the front and center of the main camera. It makes it easier for Snap chatter to find fun and helpful experiences. As such, it will prompt users to scan and discover ideas about fashion, food, plants, etc.  

Snapchat Scan update

Snapchat’s New Shopping Experience Through Scan

Second, Snapchat is rolling out a new shopping experience through “scan.” Based on a scanned image, Snapchat will now provide specific product matches that a user can directly buy. Users can now find shopping inspirations through pre-scanned images or screenshots. It is a new way to discover new brands, products, and services. 

Snapchat Scan update

Snapchat’s New Shortcuts on its Camera

Third, Snapchat also enabled new shortcuts on its camera. These include camera modes, lenses, and soundtracks. These features will be rolling out to 100% of IOS users globally. 

Snapchat updates its scan tools on 26 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s new scan tools provide an easier way to use functionalities and purpose in the app. For marketers, scan tools can boost conversion and engagement as they align with ads, campaigns, and promotions.


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