Pinterest Expands Its Shopping Feature to 4 New Countries

Pinterest aims to bring the best of offline shopping online within the platform. Last year, it started launching a new suite of eCommerce tools like idea pins, shop tabs, shopping spotlights. These shopping features are initially available in the US. Pinterest has also expanded its partnership with Shopify. It also launched branded campaigns in Brazil. Today, Pinterest expands its shopping feature to 4 new countries.

Pinterest users in Australia, Canada, France, and Germany can now shop right from Pinterest boards, inspirations, pins, and searches. They can also use the Lens camera search to find products and services. A verified merchant program will also be offered among businesses in these 4 countries. It will allow them to tag products on boards and pins. The verified merchant program will also be available in the UK. 

Shopping List

In line with the expansion, Pinterest also reveals the “The Goods by Pinterest.” This is a 2-week shopping spotlight offering limited edition products from:

Pinterest expands its shopping feature to 4 new countries as of 07 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest Shopping is getting bigger and bigger. For marketers, this can be an opportunity to reach 478 million pinners. Pinterest shopping ads have been recorded to drive 3x conversion and sales lift. 


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