Pinterest Introduces New Shop Tabs

Pinterest Shop Tabs

Pinterest traffic is up like other social networks. People spend time browsing online while at home during the lockdown. As more users look for products and services, Pinterest introduces new shop tabs. The updates will help pinners discover new brands – big and small.

Pinterest Introduces New Shop Tabs

Shop on Pinterest Search & Boards

When a pinner performs a search query or visits their boards, a ‘shop tab’ will appear. By tapping the shop tab, they can browse in-stock products. It will also link them to a checkout page to easily make a sale.

Shop from Pins

Pinterest has updated visual searches. After a visual search, a ‘shop similar’ button displays products that are available to shop. Such an update streamlines a buying path.

Shop from Style Guides

Last, curated style guides will appear to a pinner that makes home-related searches. The guides will help narrow preferences through thematic groupings and popular ideas. From the list, users can find relevant items which they can readily buy.

Pinterest also added price and brand filters. The new shopping tools are available as of 7 April 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The new shop tabs are options to replace brick-and-mortar stores. Marketers can upload their product collections on Pinterest Catalogs and launch ads to showcase them on the platform. This is a good pitch for marketers to turn idle thoughts into sales. Since pinners normally search for generic ideas, Pinterest created an even playing field for all brands. Linking product advice to direct sale apps can make Pinterest a digital shopping platform.


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