Meta Previews Its Haptic Gloves

Facebook has gotten a new addition to its virtual reality devices! Meta previews its haptic gloves. Before the end of October, Facebook rebranded its company name into Meta. The platform also laid a new vision for the Metaverse Project. It will specifically focus on the creation and development of AR and VR devices.

So far, Facebook has 4 existing lines of AR and VR devices. These include;

Haptic gloves bring a sense of touch to the metaverse. They are wearable hand gloves that produce a range of sensations in the virtual world. These include pressure, texture, and vibration. As Meta previews its haptic gloves, it demonstrates two friends playing a virtual puzzle game. Both players can feel playing close to each other and can even do a handshake. 

Meta previews its haptic gloves on 16 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Meta’s haptic gloves are another breakthrough on avatar engagement. Marketers should keep an eye on these developments as they may lead to the future of virtual marketing.


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