Facebook Announces New Vision for Metaverse

Facebook Connect Conference has recently concluded. As expected, the Social Network made some big announcements. First, it announces a rebranding through a new name, “Meta.” Second, Facebook announces a new vision for the Metaverse

During the Facebook Connect Conference of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg laid out the new vision for the Metaverse. Mark highlights that it is the successor of the mobile internet. Metaverse will be a set of interconnected virtual spaces allowing people to do things that they cannot do in the physical world. Under the new “Meta” name, the platform will focus on innovating artificial intelligence (AI) with interactive AR and VR

Horizon Workrooms into Horizon Home

Facebook introduced the Horizon Workrooms last August. It is a virtual room for groups to collaborate anytime, anywhere. It supports Avatars of up to 16 people and spatial audio of up to 50 people. During Facebook Connect, Mark announces the integration of Horizon Workrooms into Quest’s Horizon Home. It is a home-based metaverse experience on a Quest VR headset.

Messenger Call in VR

Recently, Facebook enabled VR support on Messenger. The new vision of Metaverse is to bring audio calls to VR later this year. The company looks forward to allowing people to hang out or travel to VR destinations together. 

Quest for Business

Facebook also looks forward to testing Quest for business. As organizations shift to WFH, Facebook is experimenting with logging in to a work account using Quest. It will facilitate carrying out works from a monitor to Quest 2 with a more collaborative environment. 

Facebook announces a new vision for Metaverse on 29 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s new vision for the Metaverse Project is to combine 3D technology with virtual experiences. For marketers, these can mean a big shift to marketing strategies. 

Reference: https://tech.fb.com/connect-2021-our-vision-for-the-metaverse/

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