Meta Outlines Safety Measures on E2EE

Meta (formerly Facebook) dominates online connections through its family of apps – Instagram Direct, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Last May, it began enhancing messaging by adding new features on the said apps. 

To level up the group messaging experience, the platform aims to integrate the apps using end-to-end encryption. Unfortunately, it received a lot of negative reactions. So, Meta announced delaying full messaging encryption until 2023. 

Meta messaging security options

Today, Meta outlines safety measures on E2EE (end-to-end encryption). This is to help users understand the importance of safety in messaging. Antigone Davis, Meta’s Global Head of Safety, lists the platform’s approach to private messaging using E2EE:

  • Easier reporting and review process for potential harm in messaging
  • Expanded filtering options on unwanted chat requests
  • Improved prompts to detect scammers and spammers
  • Keyword filtering on Instagram searches
  • Safety messaging prompts about suspicious behaviors
  • Tools to detect suspicious profiles attempting to connect to an account owned by minors

Meta outlines safety measures on E2EE as of 01 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Meta outlines safety measures on E2EE, privacy advocates are still pushing for Meta to call it off. Marketers have to wait and see what will transpire in the future. But it may be a smart move to begin optimizing first-party data and omnichannel marketing in your ads and campaigns.


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