Meta Delays Full Messaging Encryption Until 2023

Meta delays full messaging encryption until 2023! It aims to open more discussions to determine the possible effects of the project. After forming the Metaverse Project, Facebook rebranded into Meta, a social tech company. Its main vision is to build AR and VR devices, the latest of which is the haptic gloves.

Together with AR and VR devices, Meta also wants to fully integrate Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there are lots of oppositions to the said plan. The Australian, UK, and US governments said that encrypting messages may shield criminal activities. 

To prevent harm and protect privacy, Meta announces that they are delaying full messaging encryption until 2023. Its chief cited that the reason for delaying the plan is to give way for law enforcement to investigate and prosecute criminals via email addresses, location data, and phone numbers. These will not be accessible once full messaging encryption is enabled.

Meta delays full messaging encryption until 2023 as of 22 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Meta delays full messaging encryption until 2023, marketers can still find time to collect their followers’ demographics. But still, they will need to find ways to boost 1st party data collection. With the absence of 3rd party cookies and further privacy restrictions, such a list can keep them intact with any marketing strategy. 


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