Facebook Integrates Messenger and Instagram Direct

A lot of progress was made by Facebook in its effort to enhance and unite its messaging apps. First off, it launched Messenger Rooms – joinable group video calls – on 24 April 2020. The platform then linked it to group chats and live events. Then it was made available on Instagram Direct and WhatsApp. Today, Facebook integrates Messenger to Instagram Direct.

Facebook Integrates Messenger and Instagram Direct

Messenger and Instagram Direct in One

The integration is the first big step to combining Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp into a single messaging platform. Instagram messages will remain on Instagram Direct for now. But Messenger users can start sending direct messages or doing video calls to Instagram without the need to switch platforms. The functionality is vice versa. Instagram Direct users can do the same to Messenger. 

New Elements on Messenger and Instagram Direct

There are also new elements added to the two messaging apps:

  • Animated Message Effects to add some bubble effects to your messages. 
  • Chat Colors for fun customization of chats.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions to send quick emotional reactions to family and friends.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates for reporting of user issues.
  • Forwarding to share content easily.
  • Message Controls for user control.
  • Replies to respond to specific messages directly.
  • Selfie Stickers for customization of boomerang stickers you can send within conversations.
  • Vanish Mode to make messages disappear after being seen or the chat closed. 
  • Watch Together to enjoy streaming together with family and friends.

Facebook integrates Messenger to Instagram Direct as of 30 September 2020. The integration is initially available to a few countries but will roll out globally in the coming days.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct is a clear sign that the platform is determined to be the leader in global messaging. For marketers, it will open new opportunities for cross-platform eCommerce and marketing campaigns. The new elements added can also be a way to quickly connect and engage using a unified messaging app.

Reference: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/09/new-messaging-features-for-instagram/


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