Meta Enables Sharing to Reels

Meta Enables Sharing to Reels

Meta aims to allow easy sharing of short clips. As Facebook Reels become a fast-growing content among 150 countries, Meta enables sharing to Reels. Reels are 60-second music clips similar to TikTok. They were initially available on Instagram. It was then enabled by Meta on Facebook in October 2021

Share to Reels example

Sharing to Reels makes it easier to upload them on Facebook via 3rd-party apps.  A Reels button will be made available among 3rd-party apps to allow direct sharing of the short clips to Facebook. Users no longer need to download, save, and upload the video on their mobile phones. They can now upload Facebook Reels with just a tap of the button. At launch, the Reels button is now available on Smule, Vita, and Viva Video, with more 3rd-party apps coming soon.

Meta enables sharing to Reels on 05 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Meta enables sharing to Reels, it can be an option for marketers to highlight the unique value proposition of a brand. Reels ads are a great way to boost brand awareness and reach. 


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