LinkedIn Publishes “Return to Growth 2021”

Indeed, the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the business landscape. From brick-and-mortar stores, digital shops started to bloom. This is how businesses innovate to counteract the effects of lockdowns and social distancing. To help brands and businesses, LinkedIn publishes several guides and playbooks last 2020. These include:

The platform also launched virtual events solutions and updates its Sales Navigator to promote online selling. Today, LinkedIn publishes the “Return to Growth 2021.” 

Return to Growth 2021” is a 47-page magazine that features a range of case studies, insights, interviews, and tips to help brands and businesses map out their digital marketing strategies. Here’s a list of the highlights of the said online magazine:

  • Blockbuster strategies for growth
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Growth stories from Adobe and VMware
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • Making an ally of the CFO
  • Speaking fluent ROI
  • The 5-Step recovery plan
  • The case for focusing on customer value
  • Upskilling on-demand in the LinkedIn Marketing Lab

LinkedIn publishes “Return to Growth 2021” as of 12 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers should find time to read LinkedIn’s “Return to Growth 2021” magazine. Brands and businesses should particularly pay attention to LinkedIn’s usage stats and notes that can guide them to better campaign decisions. They can also find great campaign planning advice and tips that are very helpful. For marketers planning to put a bigger focus on LinkedIn, this magazine with a digestible format can be a good start.


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