LinkedIn Publishes a Playbook for Virtual In-Person Events

LinkedIn is continuously updating its features to cater to the needs of virtual events. This is because most of the professional community shifted into digital workplaces. On 12 May 2020, LinkedIn launched Virtual Events Solutions. This is about the integration of live broadcasts and events. This was followed by a guide published on 19 June 2020. Today, LinkedIn publishes a playbook for virtual in-person events.

LinkedIn Publishes a Playbook for Virtual In-Person Events

Turning In-Person Events Into Virtual Experiences on LinkedIn

The Playbook for Turning In-Person Events Into Virtual Experiences on LinkedIn focuses on best practices tips. It discusses the following points:

  • The Importance of Virtual Marketing. LinkedIn noted that 69% of marketers are now switching in-person into virtual events. 40% of them plan to make it formal. As such, the integration of LinkedIn Events and Live Broadcast may help.
  • How LinkedIn Media Production Switched Into Virtual Overnight. Chris Packard, the Senior Streaming Producer of LinkedIn, relates how their team turned into virtual overnight. He provided some pro tips on how marketers can turn to virtual in-person events. He also highlighted Streamyard as a live broadcast tool that helps them in doing so. 
  • How the Adobe Summit Succeed in Going Virtual. Last 31 March 2020, the Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine in Las Vegas have successfully gone digital. The yearly conference even achieved a registration 3x higher than the company’s initial goal. This is the first LinkedIn Live conference. Brittany Mosquera, the Event Marketing of Adobe, shared key learnings for future virtual events.

The playbook also includes the essentials of setting up a home studio.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s playbook for virtual in-person events provides helpful notes and tips to maximize virtual events. It’s worth a look for marketers. It will help them maximize engagement by focusing on practical broadcasting notes and tips.


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