LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Company Pages

Remember the new motto of LinkedIn? “Do business where business is done.” It started the platform’s enhancement of its Company Pages. The largest global professional network added analytics tools, boost marketing features, page rating and reviews, and product tabs. After posting a steady growth on its Q3 of 2021 report, LinkedIn adds new tools for company pages.

LinkedIn Pages analytics

Customizable Competitor Analytics

LinkedIn adds customizable competitor analytics under the Analytics tab. It allows brands to list up to nine competitors as industry benchmarks. As such, they can have a clear comparison of the organic growth and performance between campaigns and pages.

LinkedIn Company Pages update

Employee-Only Space

Under the “My Company Tab,” an employee-only space allows brands to curate content and encourage employee re-share. Every time new pieces of content are published on the feeds of Company Pages, the employees will receive a notification on the employee-only space. Through dynamic visuals, it drops them right into the re-sharing experience.

LinkedIn Company Pages update

Primary Workplace Policy

LinkedIn adds a new display option to list if an employee is under hybrid, on-site, or remote working arrangement. The “Primary Workplace Policy” tab allows brands to attract talents, communicate their pay adjustments, policies, and more.

LinkedIn adds new tools for company pages on 27 October 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

The new tools that LinkedIn adds to its Company Pages are interesting additions for marketers to explore. They can help brands maximize campaigns and messaging. They could also boost ROI in Linked marketing.


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