LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics Tools For Company Pages

In an effort to make its platform more user-friendly, LinkedIn has introduced a new range of features like follower analytics for company pages, an option to hear the pronunciation of a user’s name on their profiles, and another way to limit company page invites.

For follower analytics, company pages are informed that there are new features on the analytics tab. Company pages can now see each individual profile that followed the company page, sorted by the date that they followed the page.

The new listing provides an opportunity for brands to engage with their new followers and will also allow brands to assess and analyze the profiles to see what kind of users show an interest in their pages. It provides a deeper level of insights on the type of engagement the page is getting and supplements LinkedIn’s existing tools to assess a page’s performance.

LinkedIn is also establishing a new system that limits the amount of times a company’s page manager can invite users to follow the page. LinkedIn brought back the option to allow users to invite their connections to follow their company page. In order to avoid spamming, LinkedIn launched a “credits” system, wherein each page is granted 100 credits. Each credit allows a page manager to invite one user and will be deducted from the page’s credits tally. This means that in a month, a company page is only allowed to invite a total of 100 users to follow their page. If the invitee accepts the invitation, their credit is given back to them. Credits do not carry over and are replenished at the start of each new month.

Another new feature on LinkedIn is for users to enable an audio clip on their profiles that will inform those who view their profiles how to correctly pronounce their names. A prompt will direct users to an audio recorder where they are given 10 seconds to say their name – or anything they want, really. This feature is currently only available on the LinkedIn app.

Social media consultant, Matt Navarra, took to Twitter to identify LinkedIn’s newest features on 1 July, 2020. The following images were taken from his Twitter account:

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics Tools For Company Pages
LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics Tools For Company Pages
LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics Tools For Company Pages

Implications for Marketers: 

LinkedIn’s new features add a slew of new options for brands to be able to build their platform on LinkedIn. While they do not necessarily constitute a radical change in marketing strategies, they provide additional insight into how a page operates. Marketers could use these new features to come up with creative marketing strategies that would better engage with each page’s audience.

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