LinkedIn Updates Business Pages with New Tools

On the 1st week of January this year, Facebook launched a new design for Facebook Pages. The new layout highlighted a Page “Followers” and removed the “Like” button on its main tab. New controls and layout were also added to make it more relevant to the present trends. Today, LinkedIn also updates its business pages with new tools.

LinkedIn’s updated business page features three new tools that can help brand growth. These are:

  • Linked Stories
  • My Company Tab
  • Product Pages

Global business and brands can now use LinkedIn Stories to give a preview of upcoming events, share a product demo, or spotlight a new employee in a professional context. Before, it was only available to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, the Netherlands, the UAE, and the US.

The My Company tab is a single place to reach employees in building advocacy among brands. In this tab, employees can see updates from their company pages. Page admins can curate the content for employees to easily share on their personal LinkedIn profiles. They can even recommend them to share a post for the day to help build strong engagement.

Product Pages allow brands to show all their products in one place. It also highlights a list of LinkedIn profiles and companies that use specific products. It also includes real-member reviews to drive customer leads on the page. The information of a member’s LinkedIn profile who clicks a product tab auto-populates on an in-app lead generation form. They can submit the information instantly if they want to learn more about the product. 

LinkedIn updates business pages with new tools on 23 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The new tools in LinkedIn’s updated business pages can indeed help brands and businesses return to growth this 2021. LinkedIn Stories are a great way to increase engagement through entertaining and meaningful clips. The curated content on the My Company tab can inspire employees to help in uplifting a brand’s advocacy. The free and automated lead generation on product pages can open up new avenues for ad targeting, audience segmentation, and marketing research. Once these tools have been fully utilized, brands can build a dedicated marketplace in LinkedIn.



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