Instagram Tests Full Home Screen Display

Instagram Tests Full Home Screen Display

Short-form videos are mainstream content on Instagram. Around 500 million users tap into the power of Stories daily. The most viewed Instagram Reels has more than 289 million views. It is the most appealing competitor of the TikTok app. After the platform introduced 3 different feeds on timelines, Instagram is now testing a full home screen display.

Instagram full-screen

TikTok users commonly see vertical video feeds as they log in to the app. Instagram’s full home screen display looks the same. Last March, after testing full immersive feeds, the platform now tests a full home screen display. Such a vertical screen still shows the Discovery, Reels, Shopping, and Timeline tab at the bottom part. It also still shows the messages, notifications, post creation, and Stories button on top of the screen.

Instagram tests full home screen display on 03 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Everything remains the same for marketers despite Instagram testing a full home screen display. Brands just need to keep an eye on any updates. But still, Reels & Stories can play a significant part in boosting brand awareness and sales.


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