Instagram Tests “Dancify” Option on Reels

Instagram is still catching up with TikTok’s features and tools. Recently, Instagram tests the “Dancify” option on Reels. It is a new creative tool after the Montage innovation. 

Instagram Dancify

Montage Tool

Montage is a tool to convert your Stories into Reels. On the other hand, Dancify automatically syncs your uploaded video to any music track you choose on Reels. It matches the music beats to the video to make Reels more engaging. Instagram uses the term dancify most Instagrammers may not understand auto-sync.

Instagram tests the “Dancify” option on Reels as of 07 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s dancify makes it easier to upload IG Reels. For marketers, the new creative tool can help craft better Reels ads and campaigns. 


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