Instagram Launches Stories Draft

Instagram Launches Stories Draft

Last March, Instagram was testing saving Stories draft. After taking a photo or recording a video, users can discard or save them as a draft on the manage tab of Instagram Stories. Today, Instagram launches Stories draft for all users. This is a great addition besides sharing tweets and timer listing on Stories.

Instagram Stories drafts

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, tweeted the update. Users now have the option to discard or save content as they exit the story composer on Instagram. When a user chooses to save the draft, it will stay in the managed folder of IG Stories. The user will receive a notification that the draft will be deleted 7 days after it was saved. 

Instagram launches Stories draft as of 16 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram Stories’ draft is a handy feature for social media marketers who want to post IG ads at optimal times. By putting Stories’ composition save in a folder, it will be easier to post them as the right time comes.


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