Instagram Launches Language Translation on Stories

Instagram Launches Language Translation on Stories

Around 500 million people tap into the power of Instagram Stories daily. That is why the platform is continuously improving its accessibility, features, and tools. It rolled out caption stickers, chat stickers, link stickers, and re-share stickers for Stories. Recently, it also enabled Stories’ draft. Today, Instagram launches language translation on Stories. 

Instagram Stories translations

Starting today, Instagram enables language translation on Stories with an overlay text of a different language. All the users need to do is tap the “See Translations” banner at the upper left corner of the Story post. Instagram’s language translation function supports up to 90 languages. It is also now available on Instagram comments, feed posts, and user profiles. Although the function is limited to text translation only and does not include audio. 

Instagram launches language translation on Stories as of 21 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s language translation function is a clear move to promote diversity and inclusion. Among marketers, this can be an opportunity to branch out to new markets using different languages. 


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