Instagram is Working on Branded Content Marketplace and Creator Shops

On a live stream discussion by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s Chief Adam Mosseri, both of them mentioned that Instagram is going all-in for creators. They announced that Instagram is working on Branded Content and Creator Shops. Previously, Instagram rolled out new creative tools, professional dashboards, and remix options on Reels to help creators better create content. The platform also enabled  Shop Pay, and shoppable catalogs to help them earn revenue.

Instagram is Working on Branded Content Marketplace and Creator Shops

Branded Content Marketplace

Instagram is now working on an improved branded content marketplace. Its main goal is to match brands and creators for relevant promotions. Zuckerberg notes that such a marketplace can help up-and-coming talents to monetize their content by being a middle-class creator. It will also dramatically change the way influencers earn revenue through their followers. Zuckerberg hints at the integration between branded content and online shops.

Creator Shops

Creator Shops are like the existing Facebook and Instagram Shops. Yet the main difference is its accessibility to a broader range of users. Only a business account is eligible to Facebook and Instagram Shops. While other user accounts such as advertisers and creators can set up Creator Shops. Like YouTube’s creator tools, Creator Shops will include product shelves and allow highlighting feature products during a live broadcast. Zuckerberg also notes that they are working on tools for Instagram stars to get paid on product promotion. 

Instagram is working on Branded Content and Creator Shops as of 27 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s Branded Content and Creator Shops is a clear move to establish deals within the platform. As such, Creators will spend more time creating engaging content to boost connection with the Instagram communities. For marketers, this calls for partnerships with creators and influencers to promote a brand within Instagram. There’s a greater possibility of increased discovery and sales with the new features announced by Zuckerberg and Mosseri.


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