Instagram Adds New Tagging Features

Instagram Adds New Tagging Features

Here is a new update on the Instagram algorithm. Instagram adds new tagging features. These new features will be used to improve the ranking on feeds. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri announces the updates via a tweet.

Adam mentions the importance for creators to get credits for content. That is why to improve its ranking, Instagram adds new tagging features. These include enhanced tags and product tags. Enhanced tags enable Instagrammers to tag anyone – a brand, creator, person, product, service, or shop. It allows them to put a category or topic on the tag. Recently, product tags become available to all users in the United States. It is now available to everyone. Instagram will now rank original content on top of these tagging features. They will be prioritized above reposted or shared content. This is to give more credit and exposure to the creator who posted them.

Instagram adds new tagging features on 20 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Instagram’s new tagging features are a great way for marketers to boost the engagement and reach of their IG ads and campaigns. They can also benefit from the new ranking system as they posted original creatives.


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