Instagram Has Put Out New Creator Tags

Instagram Has Put Out New Creator Tags

Just last week, Instagram launched auto-generated captions on feed videos, where captions will be enabled by default when people are going to upload videos. The top app kicks on as they release New Creator Tags which collaborators and influencers will be tagged by creators with their contributed images, rather than a simple username or a product.

Instagram Has Put Out New Creator Tags

Creators will now be able to tag many creators in a photo, offering credit to all those who contributed to the creation of that post.

Instagram’s updated tags seek to address an issue that arose after a backlash against TikTok for failing to credit the originators of certain trends. This displays a creator’s self-designated profile category on their professional accounts in their People Tag. 

Instagram has put out new Creator Tags on 8 March 2022.

Implication for Marketers:

This new feature has the potential to significantly increase exposure for people who are frequently overlooked. Because of a widespread trend on TikTok and Instagram, the majority of white influencers use these contents, thereby discrediting the creators. As a result, it opens up a slew of new doors and opportunities for original creators and contributors to reach a larger audience, especially Black creators who have high potential in content creation. This is also significant because it involves content ownership, and those who created it must be credited. Every content is being made with a team, and all of them have to be credited for the work they did.


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