Google Rolls Out New Updates on Search

If you’re always online, chances are you’re using Google. Google handles 75,000 searches every second. In the past few months, it’s adding features to help businesses. These include campaign automation tools, try-on, and Shoploop. The platform also introduced new updates to provide better search results like AR and audio engagement. Recently, Google rolls out new updates on its search.

Google’s New Elements

The primary focus of the updates is to help searchers get more accurate search results. The new elements are:

  • Enhanced Spelling Recommendation using the BERT language understanding systems. Google noted that 1 out of 10 searches is misspelled. BERT applies new algorithms to decipher misspelled words. It helps searchers find the right results in just 3 milliseconds.
  • Hum to Search on its audio algorithm. Google applies a Shazam-style trick on its audio search. Users need to hum or whistle the tune to search for the popular song in Google. 
  • Indexing of Text Passages through ranking. Google improves catering to specific searches. Its AI now indexes both individual passages, not just web pages. This improves specific search results by about 7%. 
  • Key Moments on YouTube videos. Google’s AI will now automatically index segments of a video. This provides better info about video content. Segments will also be included in search filters.
  • Subtopics on search results. Google now adds relevant subtopics whenever users perform a search. The purpose is to provide them diverse information related to the topic.  

Google rolls out new updates on its search as of 15 October 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s new updates generally impact specific searches. For some marketers, this may impact the ranking and traffic flow. This can be beneficial to brands with a unique niche. Marketers should also take advantage of indexing, key moments, and subtopics.  This they can do by adding relevant and specific keywords to their content. It will also help to add tags on video segments to improve ranking. In general, it pays to closely check a brand’s Google analytics. Google is still the world’s undisputed search engine.



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