Google Adds New Tools And Automation to Help Marketing Campaigns Reach Their Goal

To help advertisers make the most of their ad campaigns, Google recently announced the release of a few new tools geared towards helping advertisers maximize their campaigns. The announcement came out on 7 July 2020. The newest additions include a recommendations feature based on trending searches, better transparency into Google’s “Smart Bidding” process, and tools to manage campaigns more quickly and efficiently.

Google Adds New Tools And Automation to Help Marketing Campaigns Reach Their Goal

For its Recommendations page, Google utilizes search trends and data to help brands pinpoint trends that could be valuable to their businesses. The shifts in consumer needs and queries, especially during this time in a global health crisis, are also taken into account to suggest which market trends should be followed. The Recommendations page can be seen in the Google ads app and Google campaigns. Google is currently seeking to make its Recommendations feature available on more of its platforms – including Google Ads Editor.

According to Google:

“You can currently find recommendations throughout your campaigns, on the Recommendations page, and in the Google Ads mobile app. Soon, you’ll be able to see them in Google Ads Editor as well. We’ve also added support for recommendations and campaign level optimization score to the Google Ads API, and the account level optimization score will be coming soon. This will make it even easier for you to review, manage, and act on your recommendations at scale.”

Google is also adding Performance Planner, a tool that analyzes and measures a campaign’s turnout based on varying levels of spending. This tool is available in Display and App campaigns and both Search and Shopping features.

Additionally, Google now gives users more insight and transparency into its Smart Bidding feature. This Smart Bidding process allows for automated ads based on performance. Essentially, this will provide advertisers with an easier and more efficient way of checking up on their campaigns.

Last but not the least, marketers can now check up on their ad campaigns on the go with Google’s launch of manager accounts within the Google Ads app. 

Implications for Marketers:

These new updates will help marketers manage their ad campaigns more easily as they are provided with a whole range of new tools to help create effective marketing strategies. The Recommendations tool should be especially effective in detecting trends in the ever-changing market, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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