Google provides new ways for brands to use audio engagement

More and more consumers are turning towards consuming audio content, so Google has provided a new slew of audio advertising options. The aim of these options is to help businesses get a hold on the interest of consumers in audio-based content. 

This is what Carol Walport, a Product Manager for Google Ad Manager, had to say:

To help publishers monetize their digital audio content, Google Ad Manager is expanding support for audio ads with new features like Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio, programmatic monetization, and new audio forecasting capabilities. With these new audio features, publishers gain opportunities to monetize their digital audio content, advertisers are able to reach more relevant audio audiences, and listeners can experience better quality ads.

Google is adding new features to monetize audio content and allow for users to insert ads while users are streaming content. Brands would be able to reach their target audiences through dynamic advertising as their ads could obtain reach across different types of media.

Additionally, Google is launching a creation tool for audio ads called the Audio Mixer, which is geared towards helping marketers create and develop their audio ad content. It is also looking to upgrade its analytical tools for audio ads to help marketers get a better understanding of how audio ads work.

Implications for Marketers:

The rise of audio content is a new way for marketers to reach out to consumers. Google hopes to make tapping into audio-based content much easier with its new set of tools and initiatives and it wants to steer people towards consuming more audio content. It would be interesting to see how audio-based content pans out in the long run as it would offer a new platform for brands to engage with their target audiences.


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