Google Introduces Topics API

The implementation of Apple’s IDFA and new privacy policy guidelines has greatly affected social media analytics. Today, social media platforms need to rely more on first-party data. As part of its ongoing effort to get rid of third-party cookies, Google introduces Topics API.

First off, Google enabled a data-driven conversion model and privacy-safe analytics to focus more onfirst-party data gathering. It even added a direct messaging function to help brands ad businesses connect with their prospects.

Google Topics

Google’s new Topics API is a new approach to protect the searcher’s privacy, but at the same time, facilitate insights to publishers. It is an initiative of the Privacy Sandbox, Google’s open web technology. It will replace FLoC, Google’s crowd browsing insights. With Topics API, the browser where you do a Google search will note the topic covered by the websites you’ve visited for the last three weeks. Topics API will not show who the searcher is. They will be stored in Google’s internal server to show relevant ads based on the top three topics being searched. Topics API is curated to exclude sensitive categories such as gender and race. 

Google introduces Topics API on 25 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google’s Topics API will not show the behaviors and interests of individual searchers. Instead, it generalizes data based on the website topics. This means a better chance for marketers to rank brands on Google given its association to more specific niches.


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