Google Launches Video Ad Experiments Globally

Video marketing dominates online outreach and promotions. That is why Google focuses on improving such features among Google ads. The platform enabled AR try-on, enhanced video editor, informational panels, and short-form videos on search results. Today, Google launches video ad experiments globally.

Google Launches Video Ad Experiments Globally

The video ad experiments allow brands to compare and test different approaches to video marketing. It will show as “Video Experiment” option under the “Drafts & Experiments” tab of the Google Ads dashboard. From there, brands can test different video ads. The results of each video ad will show on the dashboard based on different insights. Google also suggests three easy video ad experiments. These are:

  • Placing CTAs to make the buying process easier.
  • Using supersize text including logos to boost brand awareness.
  • Zooming highlighted products to drive higher consideration.

Google launches video ad experiments globally on 06 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s video ad experiments help brands optimize their ad spending on the platform. For marketers, this can be a way to generate better results. Experimenting and learning which video ads resonate the most within the same audience gives clear proof of effective video marketing.


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