Google Introduces a Shopping Experience Scorecard

Google Introduces a Shopping Experience Scorecard

After the implementation of Apple’s IDFA, Google focuses on harnessing first-party data. First, it has updated its search algorithm for content ads. Then, it introduced topics API, a new approach to protect the searcher’s privacy but, at the same time, facilitate insights to publishers. Today, Google introduces a shopping experience scorecard.

Google Shopping Scorecard

Google’s shopping experience scorecard is available for US merchants participating in buy on Google or free listings. The program aims to incentivize Google merchants who are consistently providing an excellent customer experience.

Google will monitor the experience you provide to customers in several areas, including the following:

  • Return cost
  • Return window
  • Shipping cost
  • Shipping speed

Each merchant will be given a rating based on each metric – Comparable, Opportunity, Excellent.  A merchant who excels in all areas will earn a “trusted store” badge on Google listings.  The badge can help the merchant improves the users’ buying trust and prominent placements on the Shopping tab.

Google introduces a shopping experience scorecard on 28 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s shopping experience scorecard recognizes the marketers’ efforts to provide a better user experience. The “trusted store” badge on Google listings can boost trust and visibility among consumers.


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