Google Launches Search Algorithm 

Google Launches Search Algorithm 

Google just made it possible for Black, Latino, and women-owned businesses to benefit from multicultural publishing. Today, Google has released an overview of how it plans to enhance the quality of the reviews it provides within Search results as part of its standard algorithm modifications.

Google Launches Search Algorithm 

Google is now attempting to prioritize product reviews that are positive in order to provide the greatest review information to searchers:

  • Include useful in-depth information, such as a product’s benefits or cons, as well as insights on how a product works or how it varies from earlier versions.
  • Come from individuals who use the products and can demonstrate what the product looks like or how it is used.
  • Include information that isn’t provided by the maker, such as graphics, audio, or connections to other resources that detail the reviewer’s experience.
  • Make a comparison for the products, or explain how a product differs from its competitors.

Google launches Search Algorithm on 24 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers 

These points could help steer a marketer’s approach to maximizing review performance if they’re using a credible review provider or looking to include customer testimonials or even influencer marketing efforts. This is the type of insight you’d want to elicit if you’re a marketer wanting to enlist the help of your top brand supporters to promote your company or products on social media.


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