Facebook Will Shut Down Its Analytics by 30 June 2021

On the 1st week of April, Facebook has made an important announcement that stirred brands, businesses, and marketers alike. Facebook will shut down its Analytics by 30 June 2021. This gives them barely 3 months to export and save their data before it shuts down.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a robust collection of consumer behavior insights, most reached posts, and traffic sources. Using such a tool helps brands discover how users interact and react across multiple channels. From there, brands can track comments, likes, shares, and views of their audiences on Facebook. These insights help refine a business strategy and get the most out of the social network. As announced, Facebook will shut down its Analytics by 30 June 2021. Export charts, insights, reports, and tables can still be accessed and exported before the said date. Simply click the top right corner of each piece of information to export them into a CSV file.

Other Facebook Business Tools

Facebook also suggests using other business tools to replace Analytics.

  • Ads Manager allows brands to set up ad targeting and monetization opportunities both on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Business Suite is an all-in-one interface for managing Facebook and Instagram business accounts. It gives insights into the Facebook audience. Content, and trends.
  • Events Manager help brands set up and view events data through Facebook pixel and the Conversions API.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Analytics is a conversion path to customer engagement. But such data becomes more difficult to track because of the Apple iOS 14 updates. Marketers should now consider using the combination of tools that Facebook suggests to accomplish the same tasks as Analytics does. Such a shift can help brands maintain a good marketing strategy on Facebook and its family of apps.

Reference: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/facebook-analytics-is-shuttering-on-june-30/401143/#close

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