Facebook Introduces Graph and Marketing API V.12

Facebook is now implementing more automated data targeting to counteract Apple’s privacy update. Apple officially launched iOS 14.5 last April 2021. The launch implemented the controversial IDFA asking an iOS user’s permission to allow data tracking. Since then, Facebook, among all other social media networks are finding ways to get insights using 1st party data. This is because a lot of iOS users may opt out on 3rd party data tracking. Today, Facebook introduces Graph and Marketing API v.12. 

First off, Facebook encouraged direct traffic to its Shops by shouldering 10% of the cost per impression. Its main goal is to improve the shopping experience through 1st party data. Second, the platform also launched “Ad Strategy,” an automated tool to help brands build a customer pipeline. 

Facebook Graph and Marketing API v.12 is the platform’s third move to counteract 3rd party data loss. It adopts a more automated audience targeting based on estimation and prediction. With the Graph and Marketing API v.12, any Facebook ad, event, or campaign can use targeting expansion. It allows Facebook’s machine learning to reach more people than your defined target audiences. At the same time, it could get you more results at a cheaper price. In some campaign objectives, targeting expansion is automatically enabled and cannot be changed.

Facebook introduces Graph and Marketing API v.12 on 15 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s Graph and Marketing API v.12 can boost the performances of Facebook Ads and campaigns. Some marketers may want to target a specific subset and such API may not apply. But in general, as Facebook AI gets smarter, automated targeting expansion can deliver better results.

Reference: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2021/09/14/introducing-facebook-graph-api-v12-marketing-api-v12/

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