Clubhouse Introduces “Backchannel Messaging”

Clubhouse Introduces “Backchannel Messaging”

The Clubhouse app has been working on a new feature. After its recent partnership with TED, a significant change is about to unfold. Clubhouse  introduces “Backchannel Messaging.” This audio-based app was launched last March 2020. After a year, it has recorded 13 million downloads. As such, other social media platforms tried to clone it. This prompted Clubhouse to make the app available for Android users.

Clubhouse’s “Backchannel Messaging” allows 1:1 group chat and offers an optional inbox for individual message requests. This means that Clubhouse is no longer just an audio room. By swiping left or tapping the airplane icon, both Clubhouse hosts and listeners can enter a chat thread.

Backchannel Messaging can help speakers discuss their rooms in real-time through chat messaging. They can chat with their co-hosts to ask a question or pull anybody from their audience to ask his/her opinion. Listeners can also chat with their friends who are also in the audience in the same Clubhouse room. Or, they ask questions to the hosts privately via chat. 

Clubhouse introduces “Backchannel Messaging” as of 14 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Clubhouse’s “Backchannel Messaging” is a new way to engage with people via audio rooms. For marketers, this is a great option to highlight relevant campaign links on chat threads. If listeners have some queries, brands can grab the opportunity to offer their products and services as a solution to such a problem.



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