Clubhouse Enables Spatial Audio

In March 2020, a new social audio app conquered the spotlight. Clubhouse recorded 13 million downloads in a matter of one year. It was previously an invite-only live audio room among iOS users. Recently, it is open for public membership and is now available among Android users. As Clubhouse caters to 700k rooms daily, it enables spatial audio.

Spatial audio means a more vibrant human experience in a live audio room in Clubhouse. With headphones on, members will experience surround sound. It will make it easier for them to tell who is talking at the moment. Clubhouse’s spatial audio sounds like a real-world chat. Members can hear different speakers in different positions within the virtual room. Speakers will also get the same experience as listeners.

Clubhouse enables spatial audio on 29 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

With the increasing competition in the market from Twitter Spaces, spatial audio in Clubhouse can, once again, stir interest among its members. For marketers, it can be a big step to leveling up audio marketing by partnering with Clubhouse influencers. As leaders and members recognize their voices, it will be easier to build trust and influence conversion.


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