Clubhouse Introduces Creator Commons

In April 2020, a live audio chat app was launched in the US. It was the Clubhouse app, which became an instant hit among popular celebrities. At first, joining Clubhouse is by invitation. But last July, it is no longer an invite-only app. The audio-based platform was initially available among iOS users but it later enabled Clubhouse for Android. It also rolled out new features like backchannel messaging, new roles as leaders and members, and TED partnership. Today, Clubhouse introduces “Creator Commons.”

Clubhouse Creator Commons

Clubhouse’s “Creator Commons” is a resource hub to help creators find everything they need to know about Clubhouse. It is divided into 10 sections to explore:

  1. Brand & Monetization include information about how to build a brand, engage with the press, use payments, and work with sponsors.
  2. Clubhouse 101 is a section about getting oriented within the app and how rooms work.
  3. Clubhouse Quick Starts include how to build a community, hang out with friends, host a show, and organize special events. 
  4. Clubhouse Speak is a go-to spot for terms commonly used on the app.
  5. Creator Soundbites are best practices and tips from existing creators.
  6. Education and Programs house everything about the app’s best practices, FAQs, features, programs, tools, and updates.
  7. Growth & Analytics includes a guide on how to increase awareness and measure success. 
  8. Hosting & Moderation is about welcoming people and moderating conversations within the app.
  9. Planning & Production helps you learn the key elements of planning a productive conversation.
  10. Tools & Technology is about the right tools and technologies to level up a live audio conversation.

Clubhouse introduces “Creator Commons” on 28 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Clubhouse’s “Creator Commons” can be a great help to aspiring Clubhouse creators. With the app’s huge potential in marketing, brands and businesses should also consider leveling up their knowledge about Clubhouse. 


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