YouTube Tests Timed Reactions

YouTube Tests Timed Reactions

Engagement is one important metric of a video. On YouTube, they are measured through customizable comments for Super Thanks, dislike counts, places mentioned, etc. Today, YouTube tests timed reactions.

YouTube Reactions

YouTube’s timed reactions are similar to timed comments. They will show the exact part of the clip that captured the viewers’ attention. Timed comments are emoji reactions that viewers can add to a specific timeframe of the video playback. Viewers simply need to tap the comment section and choose an emoji on the popup tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the video display via mobile. Timed reactions are viewable to everyone watching the video playback.

YouTube tests timed reactions on 29 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s timed reactions can be another way to measure viewers’ engagement. Moving forward, it can help marketers gauge what their target viewers specifically enjoyed and wanted.


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