YouTube Makes Dislike Counts Private

YouTube wants to promote respectful interaction within the platform. Last December, it enabled offensive comment warnings. It also tested timed comments to highlight the best conversation. After testing a new engagement graph, YouTube makes dislike counts private.

YouTube notes that starting today, the platform will be making the dislike counts private. YouTubers can still see the dislike button and use it. But the dislike counts will not be visible to them. It will only be visible among channel creators. The move aims to minimize public attacks against creators. 

YouTube makes dislike counts private as of 10 November 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube wants to promote an inclusive and respectful environment by making the dislike button private. For marketers, it can benefit a brand against public attack. Dislikes can negatively affect video performance. Removing its count visibility in public can at least level up the competition.


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