YouTube Tests “Clips,” a Fun Way to Share Part of a Video

YouTube has been rolling out tools to help creators and viewers better engage in the platform. These include audio ads, automated video chapters, hashtag search, HDR on live streams, and product tags on video clips. The platform is also now allowing shorter videos to keep up with the trend. It launched Shorts during the last quarter of 2020. They are short music videos similar to TikTok. Today, YouTube tests “Clips,” a fun way to share part of a video.

Clips is another short-form video content that is under beta-testing on YouTube. It lets video creators share a 5-second to 60-second segment of their live stream or saved videos. Clips use a unique URL instead of the watch page URL but still carry the creator’s attributes. In a live stream or saved video, creators can click the clip button and highlight the section they want to clip via a slider. Then they can click the “Share Clip” button. They can opt to automatically share the clip via their social media pages or copy the clip URL link to share it manually. 

YouTube Tests “Clips,” a Fun Way to Share Part of a Video

Viewers who click the “Clips” URL can watch the clip in loops. To exit a Clips’ watch page, they can click the watch full video or “X” button on the page. Please note that Clips may not be available to the following:

  • Deleted Videos
  • Live streams longer than 8 hours 
  • On videos made for kids
  • Ongoing Live Premieres 
  • Video set as Private
  • Videos that violate the community guidelines

YouTube tests “Clips” as of 28 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Clips is a new way to share highlights of a live stream or teasers of a saved video. With 1.86 billion monthly active YouTubers, marketers should keep watch on the development of Clips. Brands can use them on product launches or upcoming events. They can be an exciting way to invite viewers to engage in a brand’s channel.



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