YouTube Launches Audio Ads

YouTube now focuses on enhancing non-video consumption. As YouTubers increasingly engage in audio content and music, YouTube launches audio ads. It’s the platform’s first audio-formatted ads. Recently, YouTube rolled out shorter video ads, Shorts (15-second videos), and smart replies. The new function is a new way for brands to better connect with their audiences via audio engagement.

Audio ads are still in beta on YouTube. They are available on Google Ads auction. They’re also allowed on a CPM basis via Display & Video 360. Brands can get creative by using an audio soundtrack to deliver their message. The visual on the audio ads can be a simple animation or a still image.  Audio ads have the same audience targeting options, bidding strategies, and lift measurements as a regular YouTube campaign.

YouTube Launches Audio Ads

YouTube launches audio ads on 17 November 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube audio ads are a new way to market on YouTube. Marketers should consider testing such an update as it has proven to lift brand awareness by 75%. With the increasing popularity of music tracks and podcasts, audio ads can be another trend in launching unique ads.


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