YouTube Reveals Its Podcasting Plans

YouTube Reveals Its Podcasting Plans

Many social media platforms level up audio marketing. They enabled podcasting listening tools. Facebook launched live audio rooms. Twitter partnered with “Breaker,” a social podcast app. YouTube launched its first podcast series last September 2021. After great success, YouTube reveals its podcasting plans.

YouTube podcasts

According to Podnews, YouTube is planning tighter podcast analytics, integration, and monetization. First off, YouTube plans to feature audio ads for Google and its partners. If they are large enough, revenues will be shared with publishers as a standard practice. The platform will also supply new metrics for audio creators. These are aligned with the IAB guidelines. Last, YouTube plans to make podcast uploading easier by directly ingesting them through RSS feeds.

YouTube reveals its podcasting plans on 30 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

It seems that YouTube is now venturing into audio ads. For marketers, it broadens their options to reach target audiences not only through videos but also through audio.


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