Social Podcast App Breaker Joins Twitter

Remember Twitter rolling out audio tweets? Twitter users can use audio clips to make a tweet as of 18 June 2020. At the same time, you can also use these audio clips to send a direct message on the platform. Such a move aims to provide inclusivity among the Twitter nation. It expands the use of Twitter to those who have vision problems or is having a hard time typing. Recently, the social podcast app, Breaker, joins Twitter to uplift audio messages and tweets plus Spaces.

Erik Berlin, the CEO of Breaker, made the official announcement. He has noted that the Breaker app is closing down by 15 January 2021 to join Twitter. The Breaker app is the best-in-class app for listening to podcasts. It can be downloaded through Android and iOS. Being truly passionate to level up audio communication, it’s joining Twitter with hopes of creating a new audio tweet and messaging experience in the platform. The Breaker app will also be reinvented to power Spaces, a virtual room for audio discussion that is under testing by Twitter. Besides being a podcast listening app, Breaker also integrates comments, feeds, and likes to increase engagement. It’ll be doing the same as it works to improve Spaces.

The social podcast app, Breaker, joins Twitter on 05 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s move to acquire Breaker is a clear sign that the platform aims to boost engagement via audio. This makes the platform unique from Facebook and Instagram which focus on visual content. And it seems a smart move for Twitter to acquire Breaker. It may transform audio as a key trend to discovery and engagement. Marketers should not take it for granted. They should prepare brands in harnessing audio engagement. Once Twitter successfully makes Space work through the Breaker team, it can be a new avenue for both marketing and podcasting.



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