YouTube Joins the Upfronts

YouTube Joins the Upfronts

Digital and linear TV are now converging as YouTube joins the Upfronts. This is right after the platform has received an MRC award for brand safety distinction. Every mid-May each year, TV networks will show their shiniest new toys. This year, YouTube hit the TV spotlight by showcasing its key moments on TV and in digital ads.


First off, YouTube notes that it is the number 1 global streaming platform for Nielsen, with over 230 million users in the US per month. People choose YouTube to get tech tips from Marques Brownlee and watch anything from MrBeast. This is the main reason why YouTube joins the Upfronts. The platform wants to bring the world’s biggest advertisers and agencies together.

Second, YouTube is the mainstream channel in every viewing mode. More than 135 million people watched on YouTube CTV (Connected TV). On the other hand, Shorts averages 30 billion daily views.

Third, YouTube outperforms the return on investment (ROI) of TV advertising by 1.2 times in total CPG MMMs. When it comes to digital players, the ROI of YouTube averages 2x greater than other OLV. This is why 70% of YouTube brands increased their ROIs year over year.

YouTube joins the Upfronts on 17 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As YouTube joins the Upfronts, marketers can rely more on YouTube for their video marketing strategies. With more exposure, features, and tools, there’s no doubt that YouTube is the mainstream of digital marketing.


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