Twitter Tests “Related Fleets” Underneath Tweets

Twitter Tests “Related Fleets” Underneath Tweets

Twitter focuses more on Fleets! These are like Instagram stories that go live for only 24 hours. Through Fleets, users can post a photo, record a video, share a tweet, or write some text. They can also add animated stickers, custom backgrounds, or Twemojis to liven up the stories. Today, the platform is boosting the exposure of such a story-like feature. Twitter tests “Related Fleets” underneath tweets.

Earlier this week, users reported that they are seeing Fleets from accounts they don’t follow in the top feeds of their Fleets bar. This week, Twitter is experimenting on “Related Fleets.” They are Fleets from previous accounts that a user has visited. They can be seen as a user expands an initial tweet. This hits 2 birds at the same time. A user can view related Fleets stories and follow a new Twitter account.

Twitter tests “Related Fleets” underneath tweets on 09 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s “Related Fleets” is a way to boost maximum discovery of such a story-like feature. For marketers, it can be enticing to use Fleets to extend a brand’s organic reach on Twitter. Without having to pay extra for ads and campaigns, it may be worth exploring as a marketing tactic.


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