Twitter Tests a New Way to Join Communities

Twitter Tests a New Way to Join Communities

Are you a member of a Twitter community? Twitter launched communities last January. It is an alternate timeline for users that want more topic-focused conversations. It is also equipped with community tools like virtual rooms and watch parties. Today, Twitter tests a new way to join communities.

Twitter Communities requests

When Twitter communities were launched, admins can keep them either invite-only or open to the public. Today, any member of the Twitter nation can now “request to join” a restricted community. The community admins can approve or disapprove of the request to join communities. Twitter also adds a community search option on the web and member search options within communities. Such features are rolling out to Twitter for Android and iOS.

Twitter tests a new way to join communities on 10 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter communities are a great way to build a loyal following for a brand. Marketers should keep an eye on new Twitter communities features and tools. They could be a great way to boost branding and sustainability.


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