Twitter Shares Insights and Tips About Watch Parties

Every social media platform saw an increase in online usage during the lockdowns. Twitter is not an exemption. Today, Twitter shares insights and tips about watch parties. This is through Episode 4 of “Heard on Twitter” by Twitter Marketing.

Twitter Shares Insights and Tips About Watch Parties

Twitter Marketing is sharing a series of the platform’s top conversations and insights. Episode 4 tackles a new kind of content that rises to +500% consumption in the past 3 months. They termed it as “watch parties.” This kind of content includes live entertainment, movies, Netflix, and TV shows. First, Twitter cited the increase in Canadian spend time on digital devices. This was followed by an increase in screen time:

  • Apps = +39%
  • Podcasts = +91%
  • Social Media = +50%
  • Streaming = +66%
  • Video Creation = +133%
  • Videos = +35%

Podcasts and video creation garnered the highest increase.

Twitter Marketing also cited some successful watch parties on the platform:

  • Netflix started the watch party with Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce. Overnight, the documentary became a trending topic bringing unity early on in quarantine. Many movies then opted to stage a release
  • SCOOB staged a watch party – a movie night event to celebrate the release of they’re home premier.
  • The conversation included 56k as fans gathered to the Live Streaming of the animated film. The voice casts of the movie kick off the event with an exclusive pre-show.
  • Carrie Washington and Reese Witherspoon held a virtual watch party of the first episode of Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere.
  • In Canada, Crave hosted a watch party for the much-anticipated streaming release of Canada’s drag race. It has 200K views and 22k tweets at the premiere. During the event, Tracy Melchor live-streamed an exclusive e-talk live.
  • The widely anticipated launch of the Broadway film Hamilton streamed exclusively on Disney Plus last 03 July 2020. During the watch party, Lin-Manuel Miranda and other cast members shared their memories behind the scenes. It became the most talked-about musical in Twitter this year. In Canada alone, it garnered 43k tweets during live streaming.

The insights show that Twitter has transformed into a global living room. It’s where families and friends watch together. As such, Twitter watch parties bring people together. They make the physically distant socially connected.

Twitter shares insights and tips about watch parties on 30 July 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s insights on watch parties show key opportunities for marketers to grab. They are basic Twitter chats. But they are more of an interactive conversation. Marketers can consider watch parties on product launches. It would be smart to tie them with industry interviews or live streams.

Marketers should also take note of these tips to optimize hosting a watch party:

  • Decide what and when you’re watching.
  • Pick a host or co-hosts.
  • Pick a hashtag.
  • Leverage your network.
  • Live into the tone of your party contacts.
  • Engage participants.
  • Sit back and enjoy the show.


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