Twitter Tests Spaces on Virtual Rooms

Facebook and Instagram are both harnessing the power of images and videos. Twitter is going on a different path. They believe that the human voice is a more powerful way to connect with the community. Today, Twitter tests “Spaces” on virtual rooms.

Twitter Tests Spaces on Virtual Rooms

Spaces are similar to a Clubhouse app. They are live audio discussions where Twitter users can actively listen and participate. There are no audio recordings during the discussion. When the discussion ends, the conversation is no longer accessible. Spaces will appear as a purple icon on the bubble of a creator’s Fleets. The purple icon signals an ongoing audio-only meeting.

Twitter tests “Spaces” on virtual rooms as of 17 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter Spaces is another option to connect with the Twitter community. For marketers, it may be worth to check it out before Twitter officially launches Spaces. Just like tweets using audio clips and audio messaging, Spaces expands a brand’s reach to the visually-disabled market.



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