Twitter Tests 3 Warning Alerts on Misinformation

Misinformation now becomes a bigger challenge among social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have been actively combatting such issues since last year. They have tested alert warnings to stop sharing unread links. They also rolled out Messenger safety features to battle scam messages, new account labels to categorize pages. As for Twitter, it is now testing warning alerts on misinformation.

Twitter labels test

As always, Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, shows that Twitter is testing 3 levels of misinformation warning. These alerts will show on and include labels as:

  • “Get the Latest” for fast-evolving topics.
  • “Misleading” for tweets with questionable claims. 
  • “Stay Informed” for sustained news stories like that of COVID-19. 

Each label will direct users with a link from informed resources to provide accurate and timely information. 

Twitter tests 3 warning alerts on misinformation on 01 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s warning alerts on misinformation are a clear move to battle sharing of false and inaccurate tweets. For marketers, this can benefit the reputation of brands and businesses by posting timely and truthful content. Building a trusted community is always the right call for every social media platform. 


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