Instagram Takes Action Against Misinformation Globally

Instagram announced on 16 December that it is expanding its fact-checking program globally. This means Instagram can evaluate and assess all posts for misinformation from every user or business around the world.

Instagram Takes Action Against Misinformation Globally
Source: Facebook

If a user or business shares a post that has been flagged as “false” by their fact-checkers, it means their posts would have limited visibility on the Explore and hashtag pages. As an added action, Instagram will put a label on the post to know it’s false information.
Part of their added steps is to label photos as well through their image matching technology. If anything was also found false on Facebook, which may have been posted on Instagram, it will also have the false labeling. Furthermore, a fact-checker will provide a rating and credible links to dispel any claim or rumor on the post.
Aside from using technology to flag any posts, the community can also help out in the campaign against misinformation. Users can report fake information through the “False Information” option, which would be further reviewed by Instagram.
Implications for Brands
Brands need to assess and evaluate posts before it gets shared to avoid flagging from fact-checkers, which may limit visibility if posts are left unverified.

Combatting Misinformation on Instagram

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