Twitter Enables Unmentioning on Conversations

Twitter Enables Unmentioning on Conversations

As Elon Musk seeks to terminate Twitter’s takeover, the platform is continuously finding ways to improve users’ experiences through chats and conversations. It allowed limiting tweet repliesmention controls, pinning of DM chats, and selective sharing of tweets. Today, Twitter enables unmentioning within conversations.

Twitter unmentioning allows users to deactivate their profile links on unwanted conversations. When mentioned or tagged, users can choose the leave the conversation option. It will untag the account from the original tweet and replies and keep other users from mentioning or tagging the account again within the reply chain. You will also no longer receive notifications about the said conversation.

Twitter enables unmentioning on conversations as of 12 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter’s unmentioning of conversations can be a great way for marketers to avoid the dreaded pile of mentions and tags. As such, it can help brands concentrate on more important discussions.


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