Twitter Is Experimenting with @Mention Controls

As Twitter launched paid subscription services, it is also focusing on providing a better user experience among members of the Twitter nation. First off, the platform tested new options to limit tweet replies. It has also been testing ad conversation settings and warning prompts on fake news. Today, Twitter is experimenting with @mention controls.

There are times when Twitter users receive a notification about a surprise mention from brands, incorrect tags, former friends, spammers, etc. Most Twitter users find this very annoying. That is why the platform starts experimenting on different variations of @mention controls.

Twitter mention controls

One option is to “Unmention Yourself from this Conversation.” Just look for the option on a tweet’s dropdown menu and tick it to unlink the @handle and remove the tag from an unwanted tweet.

Twitter mention controls

Another option is to expand the unwanted tweet where you are tagged through the notification section. The expanded tweet will give you an option to “Unmention Yourself.” Enabling that option will no longer allow the tweet author to tag you again in a new tweet.

Twitter mention controls

Twitter is also working on proactive @mention controls. Using this control, users can choose to disable @mention tags on Twitter as follows:

  • A day a time
  • Custom
  • Everyone
  • People you follow

The “a day a time” control options allow users to “pause all mention” for a certain time or day.

Twitter is experimenting with @mention controls as of 14 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter @mention controls can help users limit negative experiences through unwanted attention. For marketers, this can be a great way to avoid and lock spammer and troll tags. They can free brands away from making a stand against controversial issues. As such, they promote a more balanced Twitter branding.


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